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Who we are

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Ankarsa is a solid and experienced company that operates in Spain and Germany since 1994.

Ankarsa is currently broadening its international expansion, looking for new business opportunities.

Ankarsa is characterized by financial strength, innovation, competitiveness and participation in the implementation of unique projects of high quality and latest technologies, being Ankarsa an expert in energy efficiency.

The organizational structure of Ankarsa is based on a team with a long experience in the sector and in constant training.

The specialization and the ability to adapt to the customer’s needs, has made it possible for Ankarsa to gain the loyalty of a portfolio of clients who are leaders in the national and international market.

Since the very beginning, Ankarsa has consolidated its reputation based on quality and commitment to the customer, innovating and taking care of the environment.

Ankarsa, with its expert and dynamic structure, allows you to develop works of Shopping Centers, administrative buildings, private and social housing, industrial buildings, schools, homes, hotels, sport centers, housing estates and hydraulic works, etc..., and rehabilitation and maintenance of facilities.

The great experience in the sector and the technical team being part of the company, allows us to give technical advice to the client and the ability to undertake turnkey projects of engineering and construction. These aspects make the difference from our competitors because we offer tailor made solutions to each customer.